Sunday, October 23, 2011

A bright pull & pop card!!

     So, I was on YouTube looking for inspiration for a card and there was this tutorial for this really simple pull & pop card! So i thought i would try it, and it just turned out great!! All the paper i used was from a cardstock pack from recollections, and i used mini monograms cricut cartridge for the scallop. Now, the inside of the scallop might look brown, because I aged the paper with brown ink. Also, just to add a nice touch, i used my sharpie fine tip and added some polka dots around the scallop.
I hope you enjoy this ADORABLE card and if you search the video "pull-up-pop-up card" you should find the video i watched. I encorage everyone to vote on the poll because we want to know what you think, and comments always make my day, so if you do leave a comment, leave a link to your blog so i can come visit!!!  Have a great day and if i don't post before Halloween again, have a happy Halloween!!
-Adrianna :)


  1. Fun! I have never tried a pop up card. TFS and good luck :)

  2. Great card. Don't ya just love trying new things? Nice job and good luck :)


  3. Sweet thank you card. Good luck! Hugs- Glora

  4. This is darling. I love the colors!!

  5. this is a neat technique ! great job! good luck with the DT call